whether we like it or not nutrition is the most important factor in any body transformation whether we’re trying to lose fat or gain weight calories and the type of foods that we eat are the most important thing you can use all these foods in front of me to bulk up or even loose pot the main difference is how much of everything you eat so let’s go over a few things that should be either in your fridge or your cupboard at all times first of all carbohydrates when you’re cutting and trying to lose fat you have to limit the carbohydrates carbohydrates provide energy but they also retain a lot of water within your system folds are large flake oats that means that they’re not processed enough anyway so I mean if you get the one minute oats the GI index which means how fast your body actually digests all these foods within your body goes up so the more processed a food is it goes up sugar being really high so I mean if you put a lot of sugar in your body it’s going to get digested very very fast you want to focus on the carbohydrates being low GI when you’re bulking up you want to have carbohydrates in almost every single meal maybe you want to limit it before bed but you always want to have carbohydrates these kind of carbohydrates are going to help you pack on mass and give you that energy in the gym to really lift heavy weight another good source would be to add brown rice in there the next thing we have is some fruits I think fruits are very important whether you’re cutting or bulking up obviously if you’re bulking and have a lot more when you’re cutting just a little bit less because of sugars however I think that fruits have a lot of vitamins and minerals that you can really use I mean bananas a potassium you have oranges with a lot of vitamin C Kiwis as well with a lot of vitamin C strawberries you can get them frozen or fresh throw them in blenders and all that all these fruits are high in fiber which you need they have a lot of minerals and vitamins and will only do your body good obviously you want to limit it when you’re cutting when you’re bulking up just go nuts the more the better next we have something that’s very essential to any diet although I don’t really have all the possible greens here you can add broccoli to this selection here cauliflower spinach I got some romaine I got some tomatoes and some squash which are all very very good for you and I whether you’re cutting or bulking you can definitely up this amount as much as you really want trying to have vegetables at least a few times a day it’s got a lot of fiber it’s got good minerals and vitamins and once again this will only do your body good but whether you are cutting or bulking I don’t think this is something that you really need to limit next in front of me I got my protein sources the essential thing to building any muscle whether you’re cutting or bulking when you’re cutting you definitely want to up the protein intake and the fat intake which I’ll get into after but the protein intake is very very important I got a steak here very lean I got egg whites and whole eggs I mean whether you’re cutting or bulking you know you can always use whole eggs I like egg whites because they up the protein intake they also taste really good these curtains are very convenient because you don’t have to correct all these eggs and everything so I mean it’s me I mean eggs are probably the easiest protein source to get they’re very versatile you can put them in a lot of things obviously as well as me you can add some way to this there’s tons of protein sources try not for lean protein so that you’re able to add actually healthy fats to that lean protein instead of just having that fatty piece of protein right away I wouldn’t be afraid of using a little bit of bacon once in a while with you but when you’re bulking obviously you can up it a little bit because you need a lot of fat the fat actually raises your natural testosterone within your body which will in turn help you actually build more muscle fat in here isn’t necessarily as good as other fats from healthy sources but it’s still not too bad trying out for bacon that has a lot less sodium or better yet go to the butcher shop and get him to cut you a few pieces of fresh-cut bacon the next thing that we have is our fat sources our healthy fat sources I cannot stress this enough how important fat sources are in your diet a lot of people that are cutting and trying to lose weight think that fat makes you fat that is not true fat actually has a lot of energy within it and it actually promotes a lot of natural testosterone building obviously when you’re bulking it’s very essential when you’re it’s very important to because when you’re cutting you want to retain the muscle that’s within your body and actually shed the fat why make sure that that testosterone that you have really does maintain it doesn’t drop due to the fact that your diet is not in check olive oil almonds nuts in general avocado are all very healthy fats in fact you can actually just use an egg as a fat source as well I mean it’s got the the yolk is actually filled with a lot of vitamins and minerals so I mean you can use this as a fat source as well it’s got protein and fat that’s the same thing that you can do with a steak I mean if you get a little you know t-bone steak with a lot of you know marble on it and everything you can kind of you know combine the protein and fat sources into one last but certainly not least is the dairy section a lot of people want to limit this and just eliminate it all together I think dairy is very important because called calcium that is inside glutamine naturally occurs within yogurt that actually helps you retain muscle there is excellent protein within milk and yogurt cottage cheese as well the good part about dairy products is they are really slow digesting so they’re very good source to take in before bed but you guys listen to me explain all these foods and important things to have in your kitchen you have to understand that the most important part when using these foods is frequency of eating I cannot stress enough how important it is to have very frequent meals throughout the day oh it’s tough but you can easily get into a routine where this just becomes natural eating every two or three hours and you know smaller portions rather rather than huge portions and just try to eat as frequently as possible what this does is three things actually when you’re cutting you might be pretty hungry and the fact that you’re able to eat more frequently you’ll be less prone to cheating on your diet number two is it actually raises your metabolism by eating so frequently you’re able to just keep fueling that furnace that you create within your body and essentially you’re just adding wood to that fire within your body so I mean the more that you add would the better the furnace will burn and number three is all the proteins all the vitamins minerals and everything that is in there you will be able to absorb them a lot better if you eat them in smaller portions and more frequently rather than really large portions where your body might not be able to digest everything that is going within your body I know this because being a competitive eater I’ve eaten ten pounds of food in ten minutes and you know it goes into your body and then it just half of it just comes out because there’s no way that body you can actually digest all of that and absorb all of that that’s my opinion on the nutrition aspect whether you’re cutting or bulking you can use all these foods when you’re cutting I would focus on having a high-fat high-protein diet with a little bit of carbohydrates meeting for breakfast or a pre workout or after workout something like that so you have some energy when your ball can include a lot of protein a lot of healthy fats and definitely definitely use those carbohydrates and that’s it those are the foods you should be eating to achieve your goals if I ate the way I did during eating competitions on a daily basis there would be no way I would look like this right now I mean I follow a proper lifestyle based on all these foods and I eat them on a daily basis I mean the eating contests are just secondary it’s an entertainment source and that this this here is my lifestyle and that’s something that you really have to change if you’re able to change this I think that transforming your body will become a lot a lot easier thanks for watching this video on nutrition if you have any questions please leave them in the comment box below if you want me to elaborate in another video on anything that I was talking about please tell me to go back to the main menu just click the bond right there to check out the other sections just click the other buttons below me look at oh because you’re still here Kiwis Douglas Knopf you


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