what’s up guys welcome back to my channel today I’m making my most requested video I’ve ever had which is my health and fitness journey the reason it’s taken me so long to create this video is because I wanted to wait till I was 100% happy with what my body was and my health was so that the end of this video is like a positive also it’s a really overwhelming video to make especially because my health and fitness journey started six years ago so that’s a really long time I’ve been through a lot and I sort of just like didn’t want to plan it I didn’t want to have to like think about what I was going to talk about so today I was like screw it I haven’t planned anything I haven’t even yeah organize what I’m going to talk about so I’m gonna be completely honest with you guys in this video and tell you all the hardships I went through the ups and downs of my fitness journey and how I got to where I am today so if you want to hear all that keep watching from a young age I was always super skinny super athletic and I could eat anything my metabolism was off the chain in primary school and in the early as of high school I actually got pulled aside by a few teachers asking if I had an eating disorder because I was so skinny and my friends would just laugh because it was a joke how much I could eat like when my mum would make us food on the dinner table she would make me and my dad the same portion size and then my sisters and my mom would get a small size like when we would get McDonald’s as a family I would eat so much McDonald’s I would order like two burgers and nuggets and chips and a sundae I could just down everything so one side yes that had to do with my fast metabolism and my genetics but on the other side I was a really really active kid so I was burning through a lot of kilojoules or calories so I had to eat a lot to maintain my lifestyle as a child so in high school I continued to eat like that I just could eat anything I wanted in year 10 is where everything started to go wrong so we knew ten I quit Dancing and I had quit acrobatics so at that point I was doing no exercise you 10 is the year I also got my period so if you want to know all about my skin and my hormones watch this video here that’s my hormonal acne video but basically you tennis when everything went – at the start of you ten I was like 45 kilos and by the end of you 10 I was 57 and I had lost muscle so you know that muscle weighs more than fat so for me to put on over 10 kilos and how lost muscle like I was chunk I was not supposed to be that chunky I’m very petite I’m supposed to be small so that was not healthy for me at all and I was eating McDonald’s KFC subway I was obsessed with subway and me and my best friend at the time if she watches this she’ll know who she is we were obsessed with these sour strap candies and I would sleep over hers like every single weekend at every single sleepover we would get fried rice sort of vinegar chips and those sour straps and we would just eat that we would eat them for dinner like it was disgusting we were just obsessed with junk food and the MTV 10 is also when I started getting to drinking like I thought I was really cool me and my friends would go to parties and drink and stuff like that and my body does not respond well to drinking I don’t really think anyone’s body responds well to drinking so that’s sort of a cop-out but that really made me put on the kilos as well and I would wake up the next day and feel like crap and not what I could go anywhere I’d do anything cuz I didn’t have a car but the weight disturbed pile on my skin was disgusting and it was bad then one day it was like on MySpace or something Facebook hadn’t originated them on my face I saw a picture of myself and I was like is that me that can’t be me I remember looking at it and just crying because I didn’t realize I was that big or I didn’t realize I looked like that like in my head I was still that skinny lanky year-seven girl with like beautiful skin and beautiful hair and I just was like no how did this happen like I was always this like skinny ballerina why am i a Heffalump with acne now it’s not cool so I think I just complained about it for like the whole of year eleven and I would just didn’t educate myself and I didn’t change anything I kept eating the same and the weight kept coming on so then by the start of year 12 I was like no I’m over this I want to look good and be happy with my body for school years I don’t really think Americans do schoolies but it’s basically like spring break so when you finish you 12 when you graduate you go on a big holiday with all of your school friends so for the whole of you 12 I told myself I’m going to get healthy I didn’t know anything about nutrition I didn’t know anything about exercise so I just sort of copied people like people would say oh carbs are bad and I go okay what’s a carb I don’t really know I would look on the back of food labels and see if there was like lots of carbs I didn’t even know what a lot of carbs were I would just look at a packet of chips and if those 20 cards in there I was like okay I’m guessing that’s bad and then I would say like another bar with like 60 grams of carbs and like okay well that’s really bad if the chips are 20 carbs so I really had no clue but all I really did was trying to stick to real food and lower my carbs I started to see results like that and I started slimming down a little bit so I wanted to up the ante and I started running so I would just go on like walks or slow jogs around my neighborhood I never really enjoyed it I’ve never been a runner at this point people started commenting saying are you looking good like you’re looking healthy and that really got to my head and I wanted to speed it up even more and this is when things started to get a little bit dangerous I guess I took the carb thing way too far and because I hasn’t educated myself I didn’t really know what a good carb is and what a bad carb is and how different carbohydrates are processed by the body I couldn’t see that it was happening but now that I look back I cringe and I never want to say oh I had an eating disorder or you know I don’t want to cry wolf because I don’t want to feel sorry for myself but looking back I was pretty messed up like some of the things that I would do remember this one time it was one of my best friend’s birthday and we went out to these pizza joint at this point I didn’t know I was gluten intolerant either and I was still in inclusion and dairy we had all this pizza spread and I pretended there ate beforehand because I didn’t want to eat the carbs because I knew that pizza bases were carbs so I didn’t eat anything at dinner like I didn’t eat anything and at this point I was still drinking because it was like party vibes and I was still drinking nearly every weekend because it was like someone’s 18th and in Australia you can drink when you’re 18 and I remember that night I drank so much vodka and I never get sick like I’ve never liked one to be sick and I was sick that night and I remember waking up in the morning saying something’s not okay like who goes out and drinks disgusting a massive vodka and doesn’t eat beforehand it was not cool so at that point I was pretty skinny but I like to call it skinny fat I had absolutely no muscle mass I had no strength I couldn’t do anything I had no energy I didn’t really understand calories I basically just ate fruit vegetables and meat and while that looks like a healthy diet I was scared of so many foods and I was like small as an I was skinny but I was like squishy it was really hard to explain so even if my stomach was small you could squish it it had like no tone I wasn’t toned I wasn’t lean at all I couldn’t do anything it was bad also throughout school I was on the pill so that was really making me hold on to weight and then if I went off the pill I would lose weight so everything was just fluctuating like crazy and I couldn’t maintain a solid body weight or a body look and it was just like annoying me all right I think chocolate this video is going to be from 2012 to 2015 so everything I’m talking about right now is that Gasper after school everything changed I was a completely different person at school I was friends with the wrong crowd did the wrong things I just was not a good person so when I left school I sort of made the decision to live by this motto your vibe attracts your tribe and I wasn’t giving off a good vibe so therefore I wasn’t attracting a good tribe and I just wasn’t happy with the person that I was so one school finished I completely revamped my whole life and I really started researching about health and fitness educated myself on the importance of healthy fats the right kind of carbohydrates and proteins and I had a really really healthy diet so this was like the first year out of school so like 2011 and at this point I had lost types of weight and I was looking really healthy again I was a little bit squishy like I only really ran and at home I would do some Pilates or some ballet exercises that I could remember from my childhood at that point a lot of my friends were asking me what I was doing because they said like I had a glow about me or I was looking really healthy so I decided to make Sarah’s date which is my Instagram so stairs I’m squad day couldn’t follow me which is like my youtube same things that was really good for a while and I was eating a very balanced diet I didn’t overthink it I just ate intuitively listen to my body went for a few runs did a few push-ups and that was about it I obviously started following all these fitness Instagrammers and i saw their instagrams and i was like you guys are so shredded like I felt chubby and I felt like a noob and I was like oh my gosh I’m such an amateur why did I make this Instagram look at these girls with their crazy abs and Nick was and they’re doing chin-ups I couldn’t even do a freaking pushup so at that point I was determined I was like I’m gonna change my body I gave me one of those Instagram girls like I’m gonna do it I’m gonna make it and that was a downward spiral I tried every diet possible the first thing I did was become vegan and not just regular vegan I became raw vegan I’m a person it’s like go hard or go home like I can’t say I’m just gonna have a little bit of chocolate like I’m gonna have the whole block or I’m gonna have none so I remember all vegans because I saw all these instagramers now so skinny and lean and toned and beautiful skin and I was like if I’m Rob Egan I’ll look like that so I was vegan for I’m gonna say like ten months and I was raw vegan for three months raw vegan was a little too hard and I started going raw vegan in winter which was the dumbest decision ever because you can’t cook your food so I was freezing and like just wanted like a hot bowl of something and I would just be like eating a stick of celery no but honestly props to the raw vegan down there all the vegans you can have amazing vegan meals like I have vegan meals all the time my favorite desserts are raw vegan desserts like I’m not hating at all and 100% I know this works for people but for me and my hormones and for my way of living it just did not work at all being raw vegan I felt like I lost all of my muscle mass so even though I was still like a small human I was really squishy I know I keep saying this but like I was never big I was never a big human I’m not supposed to be a big human but I just had no muscle at all and it was just all fat everything I had on me was just fat and my skin actually broke out more and my hair fell out and I always felt like I was getting sick like I always felt like I was the start of his sickness my throat was sore I felt lethargic I had no energy and when I became vegan I actually signed up to a gym and I had no energy to even go believe me I was eating like buckets of bananas and dates and coconut everything and I just had no energy and no muscle mass and just no motivation for anything so then I went searching for the perfect solution for me I was determined to be shredded I wanted ABS I wanted to look like one of those big girl and I came across a lot of instagramers that I’m not going to name it came across all of them they were all about the bro science way so chicken rice sweet potato that kind of thing and that’s when I found bodybuilding.com it’s a really great website like it’s full of really good information but just don’t take it too literally and don’t get too obsessed with it because you’ll start bulking accidentally like the cents and my boyfriend at the time was like in the bodybuilding phase and so he said to me it was like veganism isn’t working for you he was really supportive like he was so beautiful very very supportive but it was like I really think you need some chicken or you really need some protein if you want these goals you have to eat this this this and on one side he had a point but on the other side he was double the size of meat like if I was 50 kilos he was like almost 100 kilos and I would match what he ate anyway I’m getting ahead of myself I went on to bodybuilding calm and I’ve put in all my stats and it gave me like this diet plan so it’s what I’ve got me in the mentality I was like oh my gosh like I’m not eating enough food I need all this food to get lean and get to my goals and I got into this bodybuilding mentality so I do fully follow that meal plan but I followed that philosophy where it’s like you eat every two hours you eat bro science food you have your whey protein you get your protein shakes in you have your chicken broccoli rice sweet potato sneaky low cub additive filled protein bars and at the same time I was doing this I also switched up my workout routine to like a hashtag bodybuilding style where it’s like really heavy squats and like heavy benchpress and life lift heavy weights ah safe to say I didn’t look great me and my boyfriend at the time we got to get food and I have a really big appetite so I could match what he ate and we would eat the same thing that is so messed up because if I’m 50 kilos and I had like X amount of muscle mass he’s a hundred kilos and have X amount of muscle mass I don’t need the same amount of food as him would make up breakfast together we would like that fit couple but not really because that’s where we were both like fluffy AF I just like thought we were living this bodybuilding dream and it was just like embarrassing I was strong I could like lift a lot of weight or I could squat a lot but I just looked so manly for me and what I like to look like and what my body physique is like supposed to thrive on it just was not conducive to that kind of style of living my mom is so beautiful like she lets me do me but when I was in this bodybuilding stage she was like um like what are you what are you doing what are you driving the gym and I was like all that you know lifting heavy weights doing shoulders and back today what are you doing feels like owe me like a little bit bulky and I was like what I looked in the mirror and I was like she’s right I am bulky AF so at that point I was like okay maybe I’m eating the right kind of foods maybe I’m working out correctly maybe I’m just eating too much food that’s what I started if it fits your macros or iifym so basically it’s all about numbers food is a number game which for lots of individuals including myself is very dangerous for your mental stability and in my opinion you forget to how to listen to your body you forget what hunger feels like or what being fool feels like or if you’re like hmm I feel like my body needs some more healthy sugars and it’s gonna have a banana I feel like if you do if it fits your records for way too long you lose that sense to listen to your body and understand what it needs at the time that is when I became really unhealthy in the fact that I was all about calories so I was fueling my body with artificial sweeteners like stevia oh my gosh if you guys fall in my vlogs you guys know I was obsessed with stevia and I know there’s research saying that stevia decreases your sweet cravings or it helps to press your appetite I call BS on that 100% I call BS it would make me so hungry like I couldn’t satisfy my sweet tooth the more I had I was having heaps of protein bars protein shakes egg whites and hardly any fat I was literally eating no fat because when you’re counting calories fat is worth double the amount of calories then carbs and protein like I was still a bulky human sure if I stuck to the calories I was supposed to I’m sure I would have lost weight but I just could not satisfy my cravings I was always craving something sweet so I would have like a protein shake and then I was craving something more so I have a protein bar and I always felt sick so even though I still wasn’t eating gluten there’s lots of products like dextrose and other additives that do a similar thing in Oh digestion and in your intestines that gluten does so I came to the decision that iifym was not working for me because I just felt like a shame like serious day was always about listening to your body eating real food before I continue no hate if you picture macro is I know it works I’ve got friends that look amazing understand for me and my mental state and my way of living it just didn’t work for me so one day I decided to stop I was like stop everything you’re doing to sit down digest what do you want to feel like what do you want to look like when you’re older what’s a way that you can eat and train that is maintainable and that you’re proud of like I was never proud to tell people that I was having a protein bar for my snack so I remember sitting on my bed and I was like I want to be one of those women who eat real food who care about where their food comes from who cooks from scratch who is all about that healthy holistic living you know all about natural way of life and in terms of training I want to be like a ninja be doing cool handstands and flips and just be really agile I want my body to be like a machine and at that point I was like well nothing I’m really doing is getting me to those goals so I’m just gonna stop and go way back to basics because I went back to like hashtag Bible days and I was like in my opinion humans were made to thrive off vegetables fruit and meat so simple so basic and we were giving these feelings like hunger and cravings and the sense of being full for a reason so I was like maybe I should like do something super crazy and listen to my body so I made that decision and I also changed my training style I became very very functional so I would like to try to jump up and grab onto bars and pull myself up or do some burpees or do some sprints do some jump squats everything was very like fast paced moving so I did not care about how many weights I was lifting I didn’t care about numbers of any sort numbers of food numbers of weights I didn’t care it was all about having fun in the gym if I felt like doing handstands all day I’m – hair stands all day I also educated myself more on the importance of fats and how especially like omega-3 fatty acids are imperative to balancing your hormones and giving you a good skin and good hair so at the end of last year which was 2015 I really started to put this mentality into action it’s when I became single I feel like I had my self to focus on and I wanted to make a change and just be happy within myself and I didn’t have anyone tutoring me I didn’t have anyone influencing me so when I became single I was like I’m gonna be selfish and just focus on myself and do everything to make myself happy so if that was the only positive thing that came out of my breakup so be it but I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been so for the past eight nine months this is what I’ve been doing not that I go off wait I don’t really care about the scale but I’ve lost five kilos which I’ll put the pounds here and don’t really know what the pounds are but I’ve lost five kilos I’m the smallest I’ve ever been really I’m the strongest I’ve ever been I’m the lamest I’ve ever been this is the best my skin’s ever been but anyway I’m so happy with everything and I’m gonna tell you exactly what I’ve been doing and how I’m getting these results all right let’s start with the most important factor in my opinion which is nutrition so I do eat a paleo based diet that doesn’t mean to say that I’m paleo it’s just majority of my meals are paleo I am gluten free and dairy free however I do have goats products but if I’m creating something like oats or quinoa or goat yogurt or some rice I listen to my body and I have that because in my opinion if your body is craving let’s just say your body is craving oats and you say no I can’t have notes cuz I’m paleo and so you have some nuts instead that’s not really going to satisfy your craving it might but for me if my body’s craving oats I’m craving oats and nothing will satisfy that until I have the oats so I’m lucky now that I’ve been eating healthy for so long that my taste buds don’t really crave unhealthy food so for you guys you stay like oh what why is your cheat meal for a nut mix it’s because I honestly crazy fruit and nut mix like I don’t crave unhealthy foods and do focus on a higher fat diet I don’t need a high fat diet I just make sure that I have a healthy fat in pretty much every single meal so for breakfast I either have an omelet or I have a smoothie or poached eggs on toast and I always have a healthy fat which in all of those meals it’s either the egg yolk or avocado or both for my snacks I snack on fruit and snack a lot on fruit so if you’re a person that’s currently having stevia or you know artificial sweeteners just try to put fruit back into your diet and I swear that your sweet cravings will disappear or decrease dramatically so I snack a lot of bananas and my favorite but answer my favorite strawberries blueberries and fruit and nut mix witches oh by a holy grail I love Brittany recently one of my favorite snacks has been mixing like a little bowl of oats goats yogurt fruit and nut mix and like my fruit and nut mix isn’t just like almonds and sultanas it’s like honey roasted macadamias cranberries goji berries mole berries coconut flakes cacao nibs like it’s a freaking gourmet fruit and nut mix let me tell you so I mix all that together with some coconut sugar it’s amazing also a big thing that I feel like has helped me in my digestion and my stomach that is changing my protein powder I stopped having whey protein and I swapped to a pea protein as you guys know I have Tripucka pea protein and I feel like that makes my abs lean pretty much all the time like I never really had that bloated feeling but yeah I feel like swapping from whey protein peppy protein was a massive positive in my physique so give that a go lunch time is basically when I get on my micronutrients in so I have a huge salad and I feel my plate with vegetables oh and one of the best tips I have is I used to saute all my vegetables and have that for lunch and then I swapped to raw vegetables and I feel like that made a massive difference number one yes it filled me up more number two I feel like it was high in micronutrients and it just gave me a glow and I don’t know it just made me get leaned up really quickly if I feel like sauteed vegetables I’ll have that but I’m more relying on that for dinner so for lunch time is very raw and I normally put like tuna on top or eggs or salmon barramundi normally a fish and then I put either flaxseed oil or some avocado as my healthy fat on top and then before dinner I’ll normally have another snack which is like a banana chocolate smoothie because at like 3 o’clock everyone will I think everyone has like a little sweet tooth and then for dinner it’s just very simple like I will have some bad mundi or you know some chicken just like any source of protein with vegetables on the side and like I said if I’m craving rice or quinoa I’ll have that too and then every night I have dessert I’m going to be full-on legit with you guys I pretty much have fruit and nut mix shocker or fruit for dessert super simple but very easily replicatable which is awesome because you guys can do the same so I’m just trying to eat in a way that is maintainable and I could eat this way for the rest of my life as far as Fitness goes again I’m totally listening to my body some days I go to the gym and I just do handstands legit like hell just do handstands other days I will do sprints on the stair machine I do a lot of functional training so it’s very plyometric hit based so I’ll do lots of burpees jump squats push-ups just things with my bodyweight I don’t really have to use a lot of weight from my arms my legs I find it really hard to lean it out so if you’re the same I would honestly try yoga specifically like hot yogi like a vinyasa power yoga I find that when I start doing yoga again and I sign up to classes my arms are like ah they really lean out a lot so I’ve been doing a lot of yoga lately just my strength at the gym like I can do chin-ups now I can do chin-ups now like that was unheard of years ago I was like such a weakling so very proud of myself but anyway I don’t know if this was an era that I didn’t organize this video and I plan what I wanted to say but I hope I got across what I wanted to and you guys learn something from this video and you come out with this video feeling really positive and feeling like you can do it as well because I swear there is no secret like on Instagram there’s these shredded girls and you’re like what is your secret like what are you doing there has to be a hack to look like that and I’m not saying that I’m what you want to look like or I’m not saying that I’m the ideal body type or anything like that but I’m just saying I’m so happy and I would love if you guys felt as happy and as content as I did with your healthy eating and fitness lifestyle and for me it’s just really about balance listening to your body not over complicating it and getting back to basics like it’s all about basics there’s no one-size-fits-all rule for health and fitness for everyone in my opinion so find out what works for you and just live in a way that makes you happy and you feel fulfilled and you feel true to yourself I could talk about this for hours but I’m going to wrap up this video now I really hope you guys enjoyed it give this video a like if you did because it really supports my channel and I can make more videos like these if you have any questions leave them below and subscribe to my channel because I put out new videos every three days I hope you guys enjoyed it and I’ll see you in my next video bye


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