what’s up everybody welcome back to my channel alright so today we have James Charles here and he is going to transform me like you guys have never seen before so what do you have what do you have in store for me well I feel like I have seen you do so many things from a blog to pink to green but the one type of claim that I have never seen you in again it’s like a full-on like a bronze dark moment Oh what I’m either known for either super bright creative makeup yeah that okay so I really want to give you take me that okay I am so down for that so we’re gonna do a wig later and we’re gonna do you’re just gonna glam me I’m gonna give him full reigns and control no I can’t wait for this because I have been dying for you to do my brows yes we did have a sister sleepover last night we did living on filming for videos today and something happened I woke up with this discuss the Messiah let’s just get this die in the room alright so if you don’t know what a sty is it happens when you what I mean how did how did you get it I filmed the video where I just got ready in Sephora using all tests her makeup in under 30 minutes I was talking about sanitization before the video even started and it got down to the last like few minutes and I used a mascara tube right from Sephora but you used a tester no no you just went right and does not even think about it as soon as the ended I was like oh a little swollen okay not really see much out of it but you know what we’re gonna be doing the tutorial from this way yes so you can still see out of those eyes oh thank god so okay perfect yeah we’re gonna keep it in style and we’re gonna keep it moving if you have any stage oh please help alright you guys so if you want to see us dive into this amazing transformation to keep on watching so how are we gonna more so we already moisturize our skin already moisturized with some sister Tasha water cream the best we’re gonna go with the touch us so campus start us off this is not sponsored they have great products it really should be though ahead of something that’s really into your bra so you make sure all the hair follicles are filled yeah alright so what are we gonna use for foundation today we’re gonna use the lemare soft fluid long wear foundation broad-spectrum SPF 20 that’s right you’ve never used this on no never taught it before yeah now usually in mixed to shades but James wants to meet to be a little more bronze like he is so we’re gonna go in I want to give him a little bit of a more like bronzy type of glam okay I just want to do a light coverage over majority the neck and grab Monstar as well just so the foundation really does match because last thing we want as a flash a very situation where nice does not match the body because you know how that goes okay so I’m gonna try the makeup revolution conceal and define on Jeffrey as well I’ve also never tried this one this is like a first impressions for James yeah I’ve not really a makeup review channel I really don’t like doing them at all I tend to stick with a lot of the same exact products and almost every single makeup video oh right my nostril I love if you wanted me to smell it I’m so down for that how bad is it look no no oh she’s trying to conceal those nose hairs I didn’t know I had serious bear sorry doll so I’m really focusing the concealer on at the high points of Geoffrey’s face being right underneath the ice and I’m not gonna bring it all the way out either because like me we both have very long faces so I lower man yeah we do that long because the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse to yet into us all the time definitely have a horse face thank you for letting me know world damn girl I definitely like to what kind of widen up my face yeah by bringing the concealer focus more in the center as opposed to like really winging out there because they feel like sometimes that along gates everything we didn’t use blend with the blender right you don’t have any oil sprays you know everyone saying you know that’s sounds like a lot mm-hmm an esse Cerie we’re also gonna use the k’kaw concealer in the shade number one and the high points of sister stars face to really brighten everything up you better set this face where he needs the sister projects or powder yes my favorite pop this under the eyes oh it’s looking sick I’m gonna wipe off the excess powder okay and then we’re going to put on some more powder I love that how do me uh well actually before we do that I want to give you a good spread of fix+ okay I’m really into using like a lot of different layers for my makeup routine but I believe especially when you’re using a lot of powder it’s really important to hydrate the skin it is really dry it can be really bad really fast oh and no one’s into looking like an alligator No so I’m gonna grab my morphe m55 four brush and dip into the lightest shade of the honest Asya powder contour kit and uses to once again further those highlights in all the center places Center hello Jeffrey space oh my god you would die if you ever watched one of my videos unedited I say the same thing like 87 really well I speak so far yes okay until I met James I never knew that you could watch YouTube sped up but you could watch the videos how did I know I never knew no one ever told me well I speaks of us and thinks so fast I need to speak of some people one of those ones I lost you and at least like 1.5 times yeah I’m like sister Jeffrey’s love you but I cannot watch yeah I love it but I had no idea you could speed up video so now James has changed my world and we’re thinking I can watch videos quicker some people talk so slow or it’s too much including myself you can also slow it down huh oh yeah you can I’m gonna use the middle and right hand shades right here with my morphe Emma five to seven brush and really a bronze out assists her stars of fate I need to stop saying sister’s house jokes getting old no Tommy’s sister all day long okay also in case you’ve been living under a bridge if you love Morphy what you guys know my brand is carried in it but if you want any more food products use coach James Rosen are you sure can you can actually use his code I don’t have a code my brand is sold in all of their stores and website but you can’t get discount on J on JSC sorry I feel when it comes to contour and bronze looks the most important thing is like a very bright Center which we definitely have a on right now and then a very like dark outside yeah and hopefully what the lighting doesn’t look too intense because it’s looking a little spooked right now and it will all come together yeah so we’re gonna contour Jeffrey’s nose using the JD weighty at 180 Luxy 182 brush that’s the mouth yeah they need a better name for that right now this is like the best first ever nose contouring I literally if this is not my makeup bag I would cry yes I could not do it so just gonna use the same exact contour powders okay I’m gonna go in lightly and chisel out the sides of Jeffrey’s nose now nose contouring is definitely like my holy girl like it so I hear apart my makeup routine I definitely have a big nose and a rhinoplasty is not surgery that I had want fine every day one and probably no I’m sure I really like my nose like for bolt like yeah yeah I think it’s super cute but like when it comes to glam super incoming yeah okay the most in committee ever so that’s why we have sister facetune yes we did the ring but I really really love a good nose contour to you an illusion of a rhinoplasty with makeup which I love everyone did you like officially start playing with makeup for the first time oh my god eleven and a half turning 12 so before I was literally born yes [Laughter] that’s pretty cool yeah I don’t know why I was really gravitated towards it and I just started stealing my mom’s makeup and wearing it to school like putting all of my fingers red rusty burgundy eyeshadow like I was just feeling it I love the way it made your eyes look and like transform yeah it was just like an addiction so it’s a fun process yeah my parents were definitely like not as accepting at first okay there were a lot of fights in the house a lot of times police were called a lot of like different my situation it was really I only talk about that a few times like briefly but um like once they really understood like this is just once it’s like a little fad yeah real once they really got it that it was like 10 but I was seriously interested in that I was gonna treat it as a business and they were like down okay we’re just really really really dough I’m gonna use the Mac peaches blush on Trevor this is my all-time favorite is it okay so did the only blush I wear I haven’t use that in a while and what brush you are using so little Gucci black dress yes she brushes no I’m like a surprisingly pretty frugal with my money which I like a lot of like influencers don’t talk about that much like I don’t at all well no don’t spend it unless you have it yeah that’s my motto and a lot of people overspend or trying to follow trends or trying to I don’t know fit in there trying to keep up with what others are doing it’s like girl I just do you yeah so unless you can pay for it don’t charge it up that’s my motto alright the moment we’ve all been waiting for I’ve been dying for sister James do some brows on me so I’m scared thick hair though well no but this could either go really good or really bad Dan I feel I feel like brows like the window to your soul and we are I definitely had it quite the brow transformation yes who for the better uh-huh what sort of my makeup career to now so I’m definitely gonna try to give you like my snatch brows now okay but I’m gonna try to draw them do the original James Charles no I don’t think you are I don’t think I’d anybody wants that ever okay let’s do we’re gonna do so you’re using anastacio this is in medium brown okay dark which may look a little weird in my ears blonde but I remember the wigs coming I can do the shape of how high up do you usually put that oh okay that’s a good question so I usually start like oh my god like really where you had them I can’t make that up okay that’s so crazy that’s literally where I put it like right there yeah that’s a lot yeah and then I know you like to pull your brows usually down but really I’ve been liking to pull my brow tails out oh do it please I love that mm-hmm okay so recently I’ve been dying asking this cuz and he just got back from Coachella I was in Alaska pretending Coachella didn’t happen James was running Coachella so it was a good mix yeah and I live for your outfits but the internet it was a lot it was a it blew up there was a lot of love but there was so many people coming out of the woodwork just being evil rude nasty yeah and I feel like people get away with just being ugly nasty it’s just crazy so I don’t know how how do you personally feel about it I have never felt more beautiful and more confident and like my entire life I went to the designer Brian Hearns who did all three of my love him he’s he’s dressed megastars so to have him make clothes for you and dress he was iconic a huge honor yes and we he put those together so quickly and after like the backlash that we got from Coachella he was so excited he’s like we need to do all your clothes yeah work girl like let’s do that it’s crazy everyone you know if no one wants negativity no body shaming no talking but as soon as you’re just living your life and being you well what people will say things that they would if you’ve ever talked like that which we’re not we don’t do that thinking about it nice that I generally don’t think I’ve ever left a hate comment and I definitely been shady and like I but I always right my wrongs yeah it’s funny but but I’ve never wanted to straight out of someone’s page am like you’re ugly you look fat this outfit look stupid I maybe we’ve all thought it let’s be real and if so why would you act out and hurt someone’s feelings no things y’all and it’s like and what I was thinking too and so many people were bringing up if any girl had worn any the three outfits that I was talking about it would have been all love cuz like while your ass looks so fake like well love that like so good and they slander love sexualizing women it’s a dude and you’re wearing makeup together I just felt like it was just a free-for-all I was a lot I’m trying to sketch and some light hairs into Jeffrey’s brow I might you definitely like I’m more like painted on I love hair but I live for a good like feather we brought clearly I have a whole lot of brow yeah to work with so I definitely want to give you like as close to what my brows look like as possible okay I love that okay so I have my morphe m-43 two brushes just a flat top concealer brush and I dipped into more of that makeup revolution at concealer / Jeffrey’s request hey I’m gonna statue right underneath that brow so you do concealer all the way down or how do you do it is considered as an eyelid base base right it’s good once again type of person yeah don’t hang for a murder I know face but like this keep it moving you know okay so to go along with this very dark smoky clam I really want to give Jeffrey a more soft glam type of yes off my own so I really wanna go in for like to be kind of like oranjee but also get more a cool tone some videos on a Southie pallet and also the androgyny power hey I’m gonna grab this and for for wonders of my favorite like fluffy yeah right in the crease yep every time and I’m gonna grab orange soda bomb some lamb and burnt orange actually might as well okay start bag now this situation simply gonna be interesting because you very a lot of eyelid space yeah sorry my bone yeah interrupts the whole situation yeah I got this forehead bone love this okay I’m not going to take the shade rustic in soft glam with my m4 three three and I’m gonna pop that right on the outer crease laugh is one cool except I’m like the more neutral bronze head rather than like war me orange Tory I feel like Geoffrey does do not a lot I mean we all have to be real so I definitely want to give him something that he like doesn’t wear very often Lee Anne I’ve been loving a really good like cool toned okay so I’m not gonna read that same exact brush and dip into a dominatrix from the androgyny palette and packed it on the outer corner of lid I’m gonna do any more like rounded type of eye shapes today usually I like doing kind of winged out eye shades on myself but like we said we definitely wanna keep the focus right on the center of the face to really make it more like rounded and shortened so I really like doing this I I want to Wang out this shadow just a little bit slightly upwards towards the brow bone this is gonna be a little bit challenging because the Jefferies brow bone is in the way but you know what you know what we don’t have any bone grafting available right now so we’re just gonna maybe in next video you be on one say when we really fell nice when I don’t have a side all right Stila little magnificent medals yep so this is a shade of smokey star when I want to put this on at Jeffrey’s lead and kind of cut the crease and I’m not gonna cut it well I guess I’m gonna cut it but I’m gonna try to not be as a karst I normally would for a regular cut crease because Geoffrey’s crease it moves around a lot when his brow bone is in the way and I don’t want it to transfer all around if that means yes and then before it fully dries down I want to quickly take the same brush from before you guys can see I am really into Sakai I’m gonna dip into the shade rustic which has got like a transition middle transition shape we used before and I’m going to blend together that dominatrix shade and the smoky storm just because I really can not fan when there’s a blunt line looks so ugly so I’m gonna grab it once again that same exact brush yeah I could literally do an entire eye shadow lock with just the m4 33 like this is or literally any brush of a similar shape to this below that video like that yeah it’s covered it’s not my last there we go I knew it had to be coming so he does it first yes okay speaking of eye I’ve seen a lot of some moments where you’ve done something that was literally out of your brain and someone trying to tell you that like oh that’s been done before copied and I’m like oh I’m so sick of the copying game and like people wanting credit when they didn’t do anything and it just it’s getting kind of out of hand that happen YouTube I think a lot in the YouTube world girl and at the end of the day like the makeup world has been around for so long and so much has already been done before yeah it’s like how many times can you teach us how to do a brown smokey eye yes I agree that’s why I was trying to push myself to be as creative as possible and really put out content that I’m really proud of the man isn’t the most tutorial based or review based or makeup related but it’s not that makes me happy at the end of the day I’ve been able to build an amazing subscriber base that enjoy that type of content do what I think because people are getting so bored of everything else thank God how many top Orioles crazy on a smoky eye right like but I love that um it’s all about just pushing yourself and ideas and sometimes I’ll think of something in the mic is that too much or too weird and I’m like no let’s just do it now let’s do it yeah we’re an interesting time period right now where if you take inspiration from somebody I believe credit should always begin of course especially because there are so many people ripping off people and people stealing things but at the same time nothing is that original anymore right and it’s ridiculous to try to create it’s like oh it’s a very I’m gonna give me and you props for creating a lot of content that hasn’t been done before no-one’s done like on Hollywood Boulevard no-one’s done makeup in a test like yeah so it’s cool that were like that’s what we specialize in like tutorials are fun and all good but I just think that so many people are doing that and there’s people that literally only do tutorials great good for that yeah and just like you’re not really under reviewing stuff that the people that I watched might help with makeup tips and techniques but at the same time that’s when you’re doing it every single day you know it’s like we know most about it and that’s not even being like a crime yeah we’re the best artists that I just like when you’re playing with makeup all day long every day you start to figure it out yeah pretty easily you do trial and error yeah tutorials to us not not that they feel below me because I still do them but it’s like I don’t necessarily think it is yeah I don’t have any time with any more yeah yeah yes we are gonna be filming on sister James’s channel yep we’re gonna be doing a style swap which is gonna be it so I’ve never done something like that before so it’s gonna be epic and of course if you’re already watching this it will be linked down below yeah so hop on over when this is done all right waterline what are we going what’s going in there okay so I’m gonna put a nude pencil in the waterline this is the mac and w25 /nc 30 studio chroma graphic pencil crane ball 10 you suggest pencils i think it’s for like lip liner and i don’t even know what if your ghost I don’t know I really love a nude in the water when it comes to what smokey looks like this what I do my makeup every day my goal is literally how can I make myself look as doll-like as possible especially when it comes to my foundation my contour my fake freckle is my lashes and then of course my face tuned at the end as well so I always like to do a nude in the water like it makes the eyes look more rounded which gives like that doll like type of look oh you wanna do this yourself baby I’m down well we just mix two pencils cuz my nude eyeliner broke and this one’s a little yellow so we just kind of mix these two this is fascinating white from Mac I always use this one yeah it’s really pretty okay BAM I kind of love it my favorite for like drag looks early colorful looks so quickly before we move on to the next I I like to obviously highlight so we can bring emphasis to the eyes and I’m gonna use the different highlighter on Jeffrey’s face but I just recently discovered this which is the time or hella taught that it’s the time the Tarte chrome paint shadow Palmer shade a top yacht oh yeah that’s a lot so a lot of teeth it’s a lot of teeth but this shading in battle yeah it is so pretty and it’s literally the most blinding inner corner highly ever okay I feel like highlighters no matter how good a highlighter is never looks bright enough on the inner corner right just because it’s like a shadow in there don’t know really this is like next-level you’re saying next level okay live it at all okay should I give up she needs some intensity gonna give it a little sister sledding okay and the sister slope oh-ho with the sister skis yeah Wow right okay it’s also just gonna grab a mac 242 brush yeah colonic shot a bunch everyone uses I don’t got that same exact pigpig man thank you now she’s staying in place she’s sister staying she sister staying and we’re gonna pop that right on the center of the brow bone Wow it’s not a wig oh wow I really love this one I’m feeling very James right now alright you guys I just put on some mascara a little benefit roller lash and now we’re about to do some what we’ve picked on Miami’s yeah we picked up some Lily lashes in the style Miami Yuko James for money haul okay James I was about to say do we have a code for Lily her lashes are a little pricey but they’re they’re amazing and you can reuse them if you clean them as well that’s a lot of use Mary’s like ten times yeah so I’m gonna use these in my all-time favorites I’m actually gonna trim them a la I know you don’t usually trim your lashes a little bit one of my biggest pet peeves is when you put on a pair of lashes they’re safe for people like me who have more down turn eyes and you’re gonna do as well yeah Jess I hate it when you don’t trim your lashes and then the outer lash or like coming down oh or the band is weird and it’s like it gets me good so I always actually like to trim off a lot of my lashes and leisurely focus it on the kind of middle of the eye to really give it a lifted and once again the dalek type of Lois so I really want to give that to Jeffrey today I’m just gonna plaid let’s using the duo eyelash glue this is the only logical I will ever use oh he’s the same one good vegan okay so I’m gonna pop this right on the center once again of Jeffrey’s lid so like I was saying – I do always trim the lashes so give that outer edge a left and when you do this the lash actually doesn’t always go all the way across the lash band but for people like me and Jeffrey who both have a pretty decent natural lashes it allows them to blend together so it doesn’t look as weird and then this just gives so much more of a lifted pretty look and you don’t get that weird a sagging situation that looks the worse on literally everybody all right lashes on I’m living already alright so this is what I all complete thank God we’re gonna do the other one off-camera doubt which will be so much easier because I have my right hand so thank the Lord Jesus in heaven above it’ll be right back to finish off with the rest of the face BAM really good really fresh feeling fresh so 400 said reviews the Augusta’s yes it’s all Hollywood if you’re a true sister you know that I’ve been using this and I wanna make her precision day one and I have a literally never switched I’ve tried many other highlighters and yes a few days ago I just tried to sort Coppedge from the 24-karat palette a little bit too intense they wanted a soft highlighting look I did not get that I did not get that girl loved it the most but definitely want to go for a softer look Hollywood yeah okay so I’m gonna also spread Jeffrey’s face first – I always like to give a light layer fix+ before putting on a highlighter just because I really wanna make sure that it hath lain to stick to I’m so therapeutic turn to the side Paco there she is Gold yes oh wow can I sure to blend it white and obviously but I just like to have it or some watch it so pretty I’m also gonna grab what’s remaining on that brush and put it right in the center of Geoffrey’s forehead as well okay I really love highlighting up here because when the light catches it it hits it really nicely and then I’m actually gonna go in with a smaller highlighting brush this is the morphe I’m a 504 it’s just a smaller version of like the m5 on what everyone uses yeah and actually dip into a little bit of it brush off the excess and I always like to pop a little bit of highlighter right here right above the brow bone and it really brings attention to that especially from the side profile and it helps to widen out the face a little bit too way and then once again grabbing that Tarte Paint Pot in top yacht and I’m gonna place that with this smaller highlighting brush give it a light wow spreads okay and then it’s gonna go on right on the highpoint turn this way oh yeah there she is girl Wow mm-hmm so there good morning how are you or neighbor okay and our last step of highlighting the best part is gonna be the sister nose highlight as the iconic sister highlight yeah how I think of a matching s or didn’t figure it out sister sparkle yeah it’s a sister shimmer a sister schnoz shimmer there better be a video of how many times we say sister put all into one you’re welcome for the contact yes we need James and Jeffries saying sister for a two minute straight thank you alright so gonna use the pencil brushes the m43 one I always like to make sure I’m using a pencil brush or a very tiny brush for nose highlighting here like I was talking right that’s for my nose right like I was talking about before when you’re kind of doing that link concealer on the side of the nose and the baking on the side of the nose and the two tight lines that kind of creates that further illusion of a nose highlight so investing pains me more than watching somebody try to its snatch a nose and then using a big-ass highlighting brush to highlight it kills the whole illusion if you want to have that snatch nose you have to only keep the highlight in a very focus spot if that makes sense so to really further that illusion and make it seem like the bridge is super super tightening all right the nose is now just look at that house she’s looking good so our laugh is gonna be less before that one last of fix+ you guys know I live for this so now we have Lhasa finally left and they only be appropriate for mr. Jeffrey Stern yeah what shade are you feeling I think I want to definitely do a like nude it’s just because my eyes are pretty dark and smoky okay um definitely high noon oh I mean that’s classic you can do this but then let’s put a little bit of the oh I’m nude in the center yeah perfect oh I’m scared okay I don’t know I do list of other people so challenging because it looks is such like a personal [Music] talk yes I’m gonna have Jeffrey actually over line at the top of his left because it doing flips and other people is very very challenging and it’s funny to you because I tweeted about this a few days ago I know you can’t reply to me it’s so crazy how like our faces don’t change unless of course you get filler or stuff like that but some days your makeup comes up so good and some days I may not feel like you’re a horrible artist and you look ugly oh you know I don’t know why I’m weird and I just want to pop it a little bit of the I’m nude liquid lipstick right in the center as well not too much because they don’t want any like super super intense stark contrast moment but just like a little bit to give a little I was accused an eyeshadow brush and I’m blending together liquid lipsticks okay I do want to add a little bit of a gloss as well okay what are we feeling my favorite my favorite gloss of all time with Too Faced melted like a liquid give it a whirl and I know that they’re not your favorite but you know what it’s a good class but it’s a good gloss I’ve actually never dried that they’re really bomb and this is the shade of peekaboo I love how they smell the Provos really well we smell for me gloss it’s like a really hit or miss type of item or sometimes they’re the best and sometimes they’re like the worst yeah and it’s one of those things words like if you are wearing a cloth you have to commit to long you gotta commit you gotta commit like you have to be ready to reapply yet to be ready to take it off before you get any like it’s a lot so what I figured you know what like we’re going big or going home today we’re gonna do a sister gloss but just a lot okay BAM love there be some settings break times the last sister settings right oh wait I brought my favorite okay yeah this games a Navy ah hello make up finishing it spray formula no bonds it’s a brighter one or the regular oh this is the regular one I don’t have the bridal one yet I need to do it we’re gonna have a good spread and for some things but I really like to go in like sometimes I’ll find myself literally dripping but you know what it’s worth that okay guys and then once again we’re gonna fan sister aunt Raja knee let’s better up real good oh yeah mm cent triple fan double fan double fan we love that and you guys I think that completes today’s glam woo yes sister star okay we have yeah we’re not done that we’re not dead I’m a full translation and mind the guys that I wants to do it dark smoky glam there’s a reason we do these dark on eyebrows today yes there is oh we’re gonna be right back this is the finished makeup look but we’re gonna be right back to show you guys the finished look you did that oh it looks beautiful seen on myself I feel beautiful and amazing and I’m ready to go suck Nate off love that thank you so much for coming on my channel this is unreal I can’t stop staring at myself I’m like thank you for having me today sister of course and then on James’s channel what do we do girl so over on my family did a style sock which is a super fun series that I love to do where me and a makeup friend switch makeup bags and switch styles so I challenge effort to do it like crazy creative colorful makeup love yes and you tell me to do what if his makeup looks with each other product so you guys are gonna have to have it right over there to check that out we spill all the tea and it’s mind-blowing of course subscribe to James’s channel everything’s linked down below yes all right I don’t know I need to like go to the mall I need to go to radio just like swing this hair around down face is so snatch well thank you again sister I love you and we will see you on the next one bye guys


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