hey guys so this is my first time watching this have no idea how this turned out but let’s get started alright the foundations working it’s going on i’ma super excited about the Beautyblender because you have to fill it with water anyway so let’s see how this works time to get bronzed and beautiful it is summer baby whoa that’s dark whoa oh my god I didn’t know that was that dark I don’t think that was actually a bronzer I think that was like a foundation stick that was definitely not close to my color oh my god that’s so on

time for some blush okay it’s kind of showing up I just can’t get over the Beautyblender when you dab it all the little bubbles come out so cute I use mostly cream products in this I thought they would go on better highlighter is not blinding time to get those brows granted I did not have a mirror while doing any of this so this is like also the no mirror makeup challenge underwater the eyebrows aren’t bad I’m doing okay

guys this is actually a waterproof eyeliner so I thought it would be perfect it’s kind of working I probably should have sharpened it okay let’s do the mascara I also should have brought a waterproof mascara into the water all of the mascara went into the water and kind of burned my eye don’t try this at home please don’t try this in these challenges guys this reminds me of that scene in Finding Nemo and the little squid is like oh you made me eggs yes I did that I did bring a Kylie lip kit underwater [Music] wow this worked a lot less than I got it in my mind I had like perfect red lips on that was very messy setting spray because we totally mean that under water I don’t think any of it actually landed up [Music] alright guys so this is the final makeup I hope you enjoy I have no idea what it looks like right now like in my mind it looks perfect nope you are wrong let me know where else I should do my makeup  but anyway I hope you enjoyed this video I hope I did a decent job my makeup under wise like Miranda sings with this lip color okay guys up to you next time


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